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09 September 2013

Making Cheap Extra Diaper Inserts

DIY Cheap Diaper Inserts

Image        We are back from our wonderful road trip/family reunion in Colorado. We had so much fun seeing loved ones, and everyone finally meeting little Bug. My parents had loads of fun with their grandbabies, my siblings got to spend special uncle and auntie time with them, and we even took a FOUR GENERATION photo with my Grandma, Mama, and Bear!
More about that another time, let’s get to my new projectCheap cloth diaper inserts from scratch. I used very little money and material. They aren’t going to be the most absorbent insert out there, but great for an emergency, like when the rest are in the wash. I got the microfiber cloths from the dollar store (three pack), and the flannel from the remnants section at JoAnn’s. So under $1 for each insert I made. The microfiber is super absorbent and moisture wicking, but you should never put it directly against your baby’s skin because it will suck all of the moisture from their skin, drying it out quickly. The flannel is a good absorbent materiel, that will wick the pee from the skin through to the microfiber, while still soft on the skin and a nice protective barrier from the microfiber. (I will be getting better materials than microfiber soon to make soakers/overnighters!!!)
20130814_180937The first one I made took a long time because I tried to flip microfiber cloth inside out after I sewed it in half and then sew the microfiber inside of flipped out flannel pocket. I think I mentioned in earlier posts that I am not very sewing savvy, novice to say the least, here’s my proof. Hahaha. I decided after that one to go an easier route. Here’s what I came up with:

DIY Cheap Diaper Inserts

What you’ll need:

Dollar Store Microfiber Cloth from Cleaning Aisle
2 Pieces of Flannel Cloth (about 1/2 inch larger than folded Microfiber)
Sewing Machine

How you make them:

Image1. Fold the microfiber cloth in half like a hot dog fold (wrong side facing wrong side). It should be about the size of an insert.
Image2. Sew around the edges with a straight stitch.
Image3. Take the two pieces of flannel and lay against each other (right side facing right side) so that you can only see the wrong side. 
Image4. Sew along the edge with a straight stitch like a pocket from one long side, one short side, then up the other long side, stopping at the opposite corner from the starting corner.
Image(I accidentally sewed the whole thing up except for an inch, forgetting that I needed to sew in the microfiber, and just cut of one small side.)
Image5. Flip flannel pocket wrong side in (right side out) and place microfiber pad inside of it.
20130825_1309546. I sewed them together about a half of an inch in from the edge with a straight stitch, then when you get to the open pocket, fold in the edges and hem it half an inch from edge.
        I was planning on doing just that until I realized I didn’t fold in the open side of the pocket. (I learn well from mistakes, so I make them often) This one looks a bit funky because of the extra stitching, but you have the general idea. My sewing gets better with practice, and yours will too! I can’t wait to make some soakers!

The way I think is easier and figured out after making the first one:

20130828_1843091. Fold the microfiber cloth in half like a hot dog.
20130828_1846062. Fold the flannel in half like a hot dog (right side facing right side) and place under microfiber so that they are parallel to one another.
20130828_1851483. Pin them together, making guidelines for where you’re going to be sewing. I did rounded corners, either rounded or squared works.
20130828_1855104. Sew around the edges (through guidelines) with a straight stitch like a “U” leaving one end of the hot dog open
20130828_1857595. Cut around the outside of the line you sewed about an 1/8th of an inch out.
20130828_1859506. This is what you should be left with.
20130828_1859587. Open gap where flannel meets flannel.
20130828_1900238. Flip the insert so that the flannel is right sides out making sure to pop the corners out if you did corners.
20130828_1901049. It should look like this.
20130828_19041410. Pin the opening closed by folding the hems in.
20130828_19083211. Sew the hole shut with a straight stitch as close to the edge as you can.
You now have a cute insert that will save you in a bind!
20130828_191400        More home baby projects to come in the next week. I LOVE sewing!!! From upcycling onsies to burp cloths to mama cloth; fun, funFUN!
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Again, this is just MY  OPINION. I am not a professional of any sort. I am  not an expert. Nor am I affiliated with any baby supply companies. I am just a mommy, and this is  what I think.
©2013 Sara Danker

DIY Fabric Scraps Pillow

DIY Fabric Scraps Pillow

20130903_134308        Are you like mealways trying to find something to do with fabric scraps (as I had so many of them), not wanting to waste them by just throwing them into the garbage? Here is a perfect solution for scraps of all shapessizesmaterials, and colors! No more wasted fabric scraps. More happy Mama.
It doesn’t take too long to make these, and you really don’t have to make a pillow like I did. It could be a wall tapestry or frame it and stick it up on the nursery wallThe possibilities are endless. They were so fun to make I had to jump on the craft wagon again and make another one before I went to bed!

DIY Fabric Scraps Pillow

Here’s what you’ll need:20130902_134451

Fabric Scraps (ANYTHING)
2 Squares of Fabric for Background/Pillow Body (Approx 12″ by 12″ works for a small pillow, but any size you want the pillow to be, my tree required a larger pillow.)
Stuffing (I used a polyester blend that was sitting around because my hubby ended up not liking for his stuff)

Optional Items

Cardstock/Cardboard (for making pattern)
Marker (for tracing pattern)

Here’s how you make them:

1. If you decided to make a pattern first, draw and cut out the pattern on your cardstock or cardboard, if you’re not using a pattern skip to step 4. I did a leaf and a tree trunk, so we’ll pretend from now on like you did too. :) Voila! You have a pattern.
20130902_1348032. Find your longestfattest scrap and trace your trunk pattern on it (before you accidentally turn in into a bunch of leaves.)
20130902_1345573. Now, go wild and trace leaves on everything scrappy!
20130902_1351194. Cut out your leaves and trunk from scraps. I didn’t count them or anything. I just cut a bunch out, arranged them, cut more out, added them to arrangement, etc until I it looked the way I wanted.
20130902_1248395. Arrange trunk below leaves, putting leaves facing however YOU think they look good.
20130902_133604I tried positioning the leaves a few different ways before I found what suited me.
20130902_1417176. Arrange all items centered on pillow body square 1. Pin them as you go. (Pinning them is optional too because I didn’t end up pinning my leaves on the second pillow I made. I picked a random leaf and sewed them on nicely spaced from the trunk and/or previous leaf.)
20130902_1507137. Once you have everything pinned and you are confident in your design, start sewing them on!
20130902_152739It was a kind of painstakingly slow process at first. I had never done anything like this. I take out the pin before I sew the leaves on so I can make sure it is placed perfectly. I used a small straight stitch and white thread for everything.
Keep sewing on those leaves!
You’re almost done!
The last ones are left!
20130902_161813Okay, all of your leaves on and you’re ready for the next step!
20130902_162645If you wanted to put a design on the other side too (on pillow body square 2), do it before you move on to step 8. I free handed clouds and birds. :) Here’s how I did the clouds:

20130902_1651458. Align your pillow body square 2 with pillow body square 1, right sides facing in. It should look something like this on the inside.
20130902_1659179. Pin the two pillow body pieces together (remember you want wrong sides facing out!or don’tMark the start and stop point leaving a 2 inch gap between them. You don’t want to accidentally sew the whole thing shut!
20130902_16592610. Sew a hem (1/4″ in from edge) around the pillow body from start point to stop point with a straight stitch.  (I used a light underneath to see where each fabric lines up.
20130902_170403Trim fabric along hemline.
20130902_17085111. I did an overedge stitch on the straight stitch that I did to make sure that the pillow doesn’t leak any stuffing. It kind of gives the clean look of using a serger too (even though it is on the inside…).
20130902_17154212. Flip your pillow so it’s right side out by pulling and pushing the fabric through the little hole you left open. Check for any places where only one fabric might have been sewn. It will look like a hole. Because it is. Sew that bad boy up.
Make sure if you had squared corners that you get them all the way out.
20130902_17234513. Now it’s time to stuff! Stuff your pillow with however much you would like. I ran out of stuffing, so it is a little flat, but I don’t mind because I LOVE it.
14. Once you have reached your desired fluffiness levelpin the opening shut so that the raw edges are facing inward. (I forgot to take the picture!!!! Sorry!)
20130902_17362715. Sew the opening shut, either by hand or, if your are among us handsewing-challenged, by maneuvering the stuffing and somehow figuring out how to get your sewing machine to accept it (like I did!).
20130903_134308You did it! You have made a scrapwork (my new word of the week) pillow!20130903_134324
20130831143920747        Next time we will be making Mama Cloth,unless I randomly type up something else! I know at least one person is waiting for the Mama Cloth tutorial. Before I had kids I would have never even imagined I would go cloth. Oh, the things that change with Mommyhood! 
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Again, this is just MY  OPINION. I am not a professional of any sort. I am  not an expert. Nor am I affiliated with any baby supply companies. I am just a mommy, and this is  what I think.
©2013 Sara Danker